Progression of Athletes Stat

This is not finished and will show the amount of people that go from high school to college and then on to the pros. This will just be one statistic.



(UN)Healthy Running

Here is what I have so far for the info graphic. There are still some details I would like to adjust. My overall goal was to make sure it wasn’t too wordy or overwhelming. Still a work in progress!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.49.06 PM

The Sobering Truth: Alcohol Infographic

My infographic is far from complete, but here is the start I have as of now. I’ve been having trouble getting things like font and dimensions to stay in tact as I translate it from the school lab computers to my computer at home. Basically, I’m shooting for something similar to the Tea and Sex Prevention examples that were posted on the blog. By the time I’m finished, I want to have a compilation of easy-to-read and understand alcohol facts. My idea is that the poster could be hung in a place like student health or one of the school gyms. (Most of the information I’m using is on the site, but is hard to find and even more tiresome to sort through).

If anyone has any suggestions for me at this point (especially since I still have a long way to go) I’d really appreciate it!


Welcome / First Informal Assignment

By Thursday 1/9: Find a piece of writing that “serves the public interest” in some way, one that you admire for both its subject and style – this can be anything: a letter to an editor, an article in a newspaper or magazine, a blog post, a series of tweets, a press release, an organization’s mission statement, an interview transcript, an artist’s statement, an activist manifesto, promotional material for an event, etc. Expect to read a section out loud and then talk a little about why you picked what you picked as a way of introducing yourself to your classmates.

By Friday 1/10: Please register for the blog (I recommend choosing a pseudonym) then comment on this post with a link to the piece of writing you chose OR the information that we’d need to find it off-line OR (if it is a unique item, like a found flier or poster) a very brief description of it. This is in part a trial run, so we can iron out any tech problems before your first graded blog post is due (on Sunday night).