Due Sunday Feb. 2: A Trick and Your Use of It

You may either produce your own blog post for Sunday or produce one with a partner. Your job is to:

(1) Find a cool infographic online that includes an element that you might realistically be able replicate and share a link to it. OR select one from BAI 2013 and refer your classmates to it. These links from your syllabus offer some places to look for infographics: GOODinformation is beautiful, & flowing data (you might also search for particular kinds of infographics using Pinterest or Google images).

(2) EITHER (a) Explain how you would create a similar effect in Photoshop using your own words and screenshots OR (b) find an existing photoshop tutorial that teaches a relevant trick and post a link to it. If you select option (b), you should take yourself through the tutorial before committing to sharing it. Begin work on something you might actually want to use. Let your classmates know about any snags you run into and share at least one screenshot of your work-in-progress–it doesn’t have to be beautiful, just a record of a test. 

* I am open to you sharing a trick for doing something cool and relevant in a program other than Photoshop, but it should be something open-source or available on lab computers—and your trick shouldn’t be something everyone already knows. 

* You’ll probably want to use your blog author privileges to create a new post rather than replying to this one. Images and other media are tough to manipulate in reply boxes. Make sure to add your post to the category “tutorials,” so it is easy for classmates to find. 

* No comments are required this week, but I expect you’ll look at all the posts and check out a few relevant tutorials. Either as part of this blog post or as you work, you may choose to explore Adobe’s set of video tutorials: http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-photoshop-cs6/