CCChampions- Joe, Kaylie, and Natalie

For us, we felt the message and goal of CCChampions was very apparent form their home page.  Right below “Welcome to CCChampions”, they say exactly what they’re all about, “CCChampions Is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit That Help Kids With Cancer Through High-Impact Friendships With Pro Athletes!”  The website uses very inspiring language, with words such as “friendship, inspiring, kind-hearted, etc.”  As I said, their overall theme is definitely friendship, a word that pops up all over their website.


CCChampions is present on social media, but we would say that they could definitely improve their social media outreach.  On Twitter, their last tweet was from December 21st, while their Facebook activity is very sporadic.  Some weeks you see four to five posts a week while some weeks and even months have no posts at all.  Their twitter only has 69 tweets, so it is very hard to judge off of such little use, however their Facebook page posts various news articles and posts about CCChampion activities.


We see this organization having a lot of communication with various sports agents throughout the Pittsburgh area.  We also feel that they would have some sort of public relations kit that they can give to families and athletes to show the friendships they have sponsored in the past.  A type of conversation we see them not wanting to expose to the public is their interactions with  athletes behind the scenes.  The discussions about their availability or their willingness to participate in CCChampions would be something they would want to keep within the organization.




I think this photo is really compelling because it depicts Jackie Robinson as the main focus of the photo.  In a lot of photos of Robinson, we see him smiling with other white players, but here, he is the pure scene of talent and admiration in this play.  The catcher is even so dejected his face is now in the first.  I also think that the black and white photo keeps you focused on the race of the players involved, where as more color could potentially distract the viewer.