Presentation Program, Tuesday 4/15

Free Play (Morgan) Over the course of the semester, I worked with the issue of free play because, after a summer interning at a nonprofit that advocates for the importance of play by building playgrounds, I became quite passionate about the issue. I decided that for my final project that I wanted to do something fun and creative so I created People of the Playground, a blog showing that play means something to everyone. It’s really different from everything I’ve done so far this semester (or ever) but it really gets at the fundamental idea that I want to promote: play matters, and it benefits everyone. I had a lot of fun putting it together and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

A Sliver of Adoption (Julianna – link) For my final project I wanted to branch off from that central idea and get another story. I decided to interview Cindy Rodgers, a mother of two adopted girls from China, who are not biologically related to each other. I am going to show my creatavist project in the works- the pictures I’ve gathered and the questions and responses of the interview. I learned how varied adoptions could be despite being from the same country at about the same time, and will ask if the audience is left wanting to know more about a specific topic.

The Stigma of Mental Illness (Alyson) For my presentation, I am going to show the class what I have been working on so far with my final project. Over the past week, I have been working on putting my work from the semester into a comprehensible website that raises awareness about the harmful effects of the stigma of mental health. I plan on telling the class about the new material that I have written about concerning statistics about stigma which are all featured on the home page of my website. The website is definitely not finished, but I feel there is enough content on it to be able to share and give the class a rough idea of what I’m doing. Specifically, I really want some feedback about the design of my site. I want to know if the color scheme is appealing and if the layout is clear; I am also concerned that I am not using enough graphics. In addition, I am looking for tips about using Wix and making a header. I have something in the works, but it won’t be included on the website that I display because it is not cooperating with Wix. Whenever I insert it onto the page, it is blurry: this occurs even if I use Photoshop.

Salt of the Earth (Sophia) For my presentation, I plan on sharing just a few of my favorite things that I’ve written for the class and edited for my final website. I would like to show a rough preview of my website/blog as it is so far also. Initially, I would like to provide everyone with just some little background information on what my overall goal for this project was and the reasons behind my choice because I feel as though that information would be the best way to lay the foundation for the rest of my presentation. Although I could indeed go on for a while about the topic, I just want to accomplish sharing some interesting pictures, firsthand knowledge and a quick peek at the blog that I’ve really put a lot of work into already.

Autism On Screen (Caroline – link) I will be presenting the introduction from my website I have created for my final project. There are definitely not enough characters to represent the actual statistics concerning autism diagnoses. However, in the past few years especially, characters with Autism have been more apparent on television and in film. Using a few examples from my own knowledge, and after doing supplemental research, I have determined the best, most truthful, examples of characters with Autism on screen. The best example is Max from Parenthood. I will also talk about the implications of thinking of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as a character on the spectrum, and what that would mean for the show and the character himself if he was to be diagnosed. There is a certain pressure for a show or movie that goes along with a diagnosis. But some shows and films are brave enough to take that risk and explore autism. Questions: Would it deter you from watching characters if you could not relate to them yourself? Do you think about the demographics of characters on television in terms of representing the population? Would having more characters who are on the autism spectrum change your understanding of the disorder in a positive way? Could it be a negative thing?

Fit at Pitt (Kaylie) I have compiled health and fitness pictures on an Instagram account titled “Fit at Pitt.” My Instagram shows work out ideas, recipes, upcoming races, things to do in Pittsburgh, and micro interviews with Pitt students talking about where, why, and how they exercise. I’ve had a blast compiling the pictures, and have already gained followers and a ton of likes on my posts. “Fitstagram” accounts are huge right now, especially for people our age, which is why I chose this as the best form for my target audience. I’m wondering whether the class thinks this is something I should look into continuing. Although I’m graduating, I was thinking about passing the account off to an underclassman, or emailing the Healthy U and Pitt Recreation directors and inquiring about whether one of their staff members would like to run the account. Completing this project was a ton of fun, but I also underestimated the amount of time and effort it would take. After all, I can’t compile pictures related to health and fitness without getting out there and doing active things myself!

Why Are African American’s Leaving Baseball: A Quick Look (Joe – link) I’m going to be showing a brief portion of my audio essay from the interview project. I will be logging onto my soundcloud and playing the clip from there. I really feel that the class would enjoy this more than something from my final project because this piece definitely gives a nice introduction about some really important ideas surrounding my topic. I’m also going to talk for a minute or two about how this links up with my final project.

Beware of Signs of Cyberbullying (Kara) As half of my final project I am creating a checklist for students to give to parents. This checklist will help parents become conscious of warning signs that students will display if they are being cyberbullied. By creating awareness of these warning signs, parents may be able to help their children from being cyberbullied before it is too late. When I think of cyberbullying or bullying in general, the color red comes to mind, therefore I decided to use different shades of red and black. But the red turned out pink in some instances. Do you think I should change the red to different shades of black? I decided to use a basic font that was easy for parents to read. Do you think this font works? Or does anyone have any recommendations of different fonts I should use?



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