Final Presentation Schedule

Tuesday 4/15: Morgan, Julianna, Alyson, Sophia, Caroline, Kaylie, Joe, Kara, Kevin.

Thursday 4/17: Taia, Ellen, Bridget, Allison, Erika, Ben, Natalie, Diana, Alyssa, Marissa.

All presentations will take place in the G27 computer lab. You’re invited to use the big screen at the front (bring whatever you want to show on a flash drive, if it isn’t live online somewhere), to draw on the board, to post something to the blog and ask your peers to pull it up while you’re talking, and/or to bring handouts.

These presentations should be thoughtful and preprepared, but they can be informal. You will get 4-5 minutes (no more), plus there will be 1-2 minutes for people to ask you questions or answer questions that you’ve posed.

What you show is up to you. It should be somehow representative of the time and effort that you’ve put into your chosen topic this semester. Show something you’re proud of from earlier in the semester, show a final project in-process that you want to both share and get feedback on, or just bring whatever you’ve produced that you think will be the most fun to share with class. You might bring a provocative example of public writing that you’ve found to showcase alongside your own work.

By 9PM the night before your presentation: email me a 100-150 word description of what you will present and a title for your presentation (you’ll have time to produce this in class on Thursday).


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