Where, Why, How Debrief

Due via email sometime today. Your debrief should tell me about the parts of your writing/design process that I didn’t see (or might not have seen). What went well? What could have gone better? Which rhetorical terms, devices, and strategies were you most conscious of as you composed? Why is this format a good fit for the particular content you presented? Who do you imagine as an ideal audience? What other audiences might also be interested? Who isn’t this project for?

* Everyone should spend part of their debrief time thinking through this last question: 

Normally, I ask: if this project was out in the “real” world, what kind of venue/publication might host it? If you can think of some surprising or interesting answers to this question, please include them. But, more importantly, think about the compositional elements that this project asked you to pay attention to. What “more traditional” forms of writing for the public might also require these skills? What forms value the same kinds of things? Justify your answer a bit. Say about where and how and why you see a value (or values) moving across forms.

For example, you might consider the ways in which “brevity” or “conciseness” (different values, but both things this project required) worked for you and how it (or they) work in a press release or a status update on a non-profit organization’s Facebook page.

Or you might write a little bit about how “trying to get and keep someone wondering about a topic” might be a useful tactic when recruiting volunteers to help run an outreach program.


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