Sarah Heinz House

1) The Sarah Heinz house is an after school program that gives children a place to go and learn. There are recreational, educational and community service programs. The goal is to promote healthy lifestyles. They are affiliated with the Boys and Girls club.

2) The message was clear immediately on the front page of the website. Once we clicked the about us page we were given an even more in depth look at what the organization was all about. It was presented in a clear manner.

3) The website says “we” a lot which produces a sense of community, it’s very open and inclusive language. It is also simple language so the majority of people will be able to understand it.

-graphic bulletin board that features links and represents the school atmosphere theme of the organization

-different flyers posted to the bulletin board that advertises different classes or program

-newsletter type bulletin that introduces upcoming events and basic info and awards/recognition

-tactics and values present different events and ways to get involved which gets people engaged and excited, also gives off the impression they are competent and active

-facebook page is not active, last updated in September 2013, not an organization page it is a “person”

-active twitter that retweets other like foundations around the Pittsburgh area, use a lot of informative language that promotes their organization, very friendly

Important documents: accident reports, information/statistics on membership, budget reports

Wouldn’t be public because there is personal information that should not be given out without permission


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