Pittsburgh Cares- Ellen, Morgan, Kara, Diana

– Organizing community volunteers to help around the city. Their website was very clear on their purpose and what they do. There weren’t a lot of texts, but a lot visuals and concise writings. Some of the key phrases are “volunteer” “youth” “opportunities”.

– Calender; logo; volunteers experience pictures; links to media appearances and priority partners; images from their sponsors; E-newsletter; links to social media; contact information; about us page with visual component.

– Appeals to a wide audience. Wide range of people will find what they read interesting. They do not have a lot of useless texts. All the writing in the website was the most useful information. There were enough information for people who are truly interest and want to get more involved with the organization.

– They are active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. They thank people supporting their organization on Twitter, but on Facebook, they put more information for volunteering. They are less active on Youtube, there was only one video about the corporate volunteer council.

– Budgeting proposals; confidential information; business for other non-profit organizations this organization is working with. The public might not see all these effort they put in because a lot of people do not care that much, because the things they are not showing if those things are not going to change their decisions.

– coolest things: opportunity calender; list of open opportunities.

link for the organization: http://www.pittsburghcares.org/HOC__Affiliate_Home_Page


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