Where, Why, & How? — Teaser

2014-03-30 18.49.45

A piano is a strange thing. In reality, it’s just a collection of keys and strings and tiny hammers sealed in a coffin of wood and propped up on legs. In the eyes of a child, it is so much more. At first, it takes on the form of a playground: a place to explore, play, and grow; young, stubby fingers tripping over keys and plinking out melodies that are at the same time sharp and flat, forte and pianissimo, though the youth in question has no idea what these words mean just yet.

A short time later, the piano becomes a classroom. Songbooks become textbooks and the notes within them become a mathematical equation. You didn’t know music theory was really based upon mathematical principles, did you? Mathematics is the basis of all sound. Even to early philosophers, harmonics and rhythms were fundamental to physics and the understanding of ourselves as human beings and the world in general. The depths of music theory will remain unexplored for now; the youth must first teach his fingers to walk across the keys before they are able to run


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