TEASER: Who To Bully Next?

Originally, the word bully was synonymous with the word meaning “sweetheart” either from a Dutch or German background. How did the meaning of the word “bully” completely switch and take on the opposite meaning? It has always people how words were made, and then how the meanings could always change throughout history. This could allow one to infer if maybe the original act of bullying could have been something different as well. How did one decide who to bully? Did they automatically decide the duration of bullying as well? Does it always start off with finding someone inferior to us or does it start with a need to feel superior? Generally, some risk factors indicated for being a victim of bullying include being considered different whether it is being new or acting differently from societal norm, being depressed, and being perceived as weak, etc. These types of perceptions have allowed everyone to target people who were considered those types without regards for these people’s feelings.


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