The Beauty of Science

The Beauty of Science

At first glance this photo just appears to be some form of abstract art. It is actually a microscopic photo taken of blood vessels within muscle. I thought this was really amazing, because we hardly think of science being so color full or visually aesthetic. This image helps with consider the idea of how important it is to take a second glance at things sometimes. It is easy to write something off with an unfounded notion of what something might be, but sometimes it is important to dig a little deeper behind the meaning of the image or graphic shown by the creator.


One thought on “The Beauty of Science

  1. 1. What do blood vessels look like?
    2. What is unique about the blood vessels in muscle tissue?
    3. What are the components of a blood vessel?
    4. Is there a way to improve blood vessel function?
    5. How can a blood vessel burst?

    It’s not often we get an inside view of our body and its most microscopic functions.

    -we wonder about the validity of the colors
    -people who are not science majors may need more guidance into what they are looking at
    -the zoomed in details makes this more interesting
    -it might be helpful to have a more general picture as well to show how the zoomed in portion fits with the whole
    -this image is very specific to having scientific equipment to acquire the starting image, but then it could be manipulated in photoshop to emphasize parts and details

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