I’m not sure if I’m going to use this one, but its based on stress. The man in the photo is stretched to his limits, past what is natural. I think it represents what my project is about, though mildly disturbing. It also suggests that what stress does to us and how we have accommodated it in our lives is painful to humans.


2 thoughts on “stress-2.jpg

  1. 1. Why is just the face exposed and bolted down?
    2. Where might you find this image aside from the first source?
    3. How would you use this image if you incorporate it into your project?
    4. Do you think the image accurately depicts “stress,” or would some viewers misinterpret it? Is this a problem?
    5. Does this image refer to a specific kind of stress, or does it differ for different types of people?

    Why is stress most obvious in facial features?

    We’re not sure if this image automatically screams “stress.” Rather, it could signal a number of other emotions, like terror, pain, sadness, fear, etc. The image does not show stress in a direct way, though if paired with your piece about stress it would likely be very useful. How might you change or adapt this image to make it more visually appealing or specific to your project/question on stress? The image does a good job of showing how stress can pull an individual a number of different directions, and can often be painful and unsettling.

  2. Group 1: Ellen, Erika, Kara

    – Why choose gray scale instead of color?
    – Why didn’t the author include the rest of the body?
    – Why male instead of a female?
    – Why depicted with pens rather than anything else?
    – What does stress feel like?

    – Everyone experiences stress: it’s an overwhelming feeling like being stretched to your physical and mental limits.

    – It stresses us out, it makes us feel pain and pull out all the pens. It’s also a very sad picture, the eyes look more painful than stressed. And the skin of the face looked too wrinkled to be a face. The color and the attention to detail really pulled us into the image and it forced us to feel what the face was feeling.

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