Showing off Scars

the who why how project image

I think this image/infographic makes a really huge impact because it illustrates how hurtful words are etched into our mind and our hurt may not always show. But when you decide to show your true feelings and uncover the facade, its written all over us. I find that this image is honest because stripping ourselves of the layers that we use to cover up our feelings takes a lot of will power and is a lot harder than most think.

I think that it is effective with its use of monotone colors and then the bright red to show off the direct message of this infographic. If the image did not showcase the hurtful words on each of the girls’ bodies, then it probably would have not been as effective with the message it was trying to convey.

I found the image at this link:


One thought on “Showing off Scars

  1. 1) Who produced this image?
    2) Who is the audience for this image?
    3) Are these real women who have endured what’s written on them?
    4) How might someone misinterpret this image?
    5) What is the message of all the women being the same age group?

    Bullying can come in many different forms.

    -there isn’t much racial diversity in the group
    -all body types are relatively skinny/attractive
    -why are they dressed in this manner?
    -message written on bodies versus holding signs
    -direct quotes or campaign word choice

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