Satirical Society Representation

Satirical Society Representation

I found these groups of satirical illustrations by artist Pawel Kuczynski that struck me since they are thought-provoking, complex, and have much depth. I selected just one of the many graphics that he has produced, one that features a married couple exiting a church upon being married, and being showered with rice. To the right of the joyful scene, rice workers are bent over, laboring over the harvesting of rice. For me, it represents the unjust balance of the scales of life (if you will) and how there is no happiness without suffering, and this can apply to the same person or conversely with respective groups of people, as shown here. I believe that this picture can be objective based on the viewer’s perspective that is looking upon the scene, but the essence of it is centered around the main concepts that life isn’t fair, there is always another aspect behind a story, and there is no gain without struggle. I highly recommend everyone to check these out, they’re so great and insightful without being too detailed.


One thought on “Satirical Society Representation

  1. 1. Where do we get the traditions involved with marriage?
    2. How often do we think about how wasteful society can be?
    3. Do people in agriculture get a fair appreciation?

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