In-class work for 3/27: Thinking with Images.

In a group of 3 (or 4): scroll through all of your classmates’ image posts. Select three or four to respond to. Try to respond to a few very different types of images. Each response should include:

(1) Five (or more) questions that someone might ask in conjunction with this image.

(2) A first sentence for a WWH-style piece linked to one of those questions and the image.

(3) A short paragraph or bulleted list that says something about your experience of the image. How does it make you feel? What does it remind you of? What does it make you think about? How—aesthetically—does it accomplish the work of making you feel or think those things? This paragraph should also say something about how you might make an image like this one. What tools would you need? How would you go about the making? What potential problems would you need to watch out for while making/thinking about making a thing like this one?

(4) This doesn’t need to end up in your comments, but do talk about whether or not you can imagine making a graphic like the one you’re responding to that’s relevant to your issue. What parts of your issue might work well (or interestingly) with this style?



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