Friends in Unexpected Places


I was casually scrolling through Pinterest when I came across this image and it made me smile instantly. I think it is so powerful in so many different ways. The little girl’s small size emphasizes the elephant’s large size, and vice versa. The white/gray contrast of the girl’s dress and the elephant’s skin also give the two figures great distinction from one another. But I think that this photo shows just how similar the girl and elephant are as well. It shows that love and friendship can sometimes be unexpected, but that doesn’t mean they’re not also beautiful and real. The two subjects are as different as they can be, but together, they make one unique pair and photo.



3 thoughts on “Friends in Unexpected Places

  1. First of all, this is beyond cute and I completely identify with the Pinterest obsession. Secondly, I really find that looking at the minute aspects of a picture can be the most interesting, and I like to sometimes focus on those rather than the bigger picture. What stood out to me is the stool that she is sitting on, representing (to me) support and assistance. Which, in turn, are qualities of friendship that are clearly visible in the picture. I wonder if there are any more tiny little tie-ins? Or if my brain is just extra weird

  2. 1. What can the “cute” factor do if you pair this image with your piece?
    2. How is the girl and the elephant so close without worrying about the elephant harming her?
    3. What time period was this photo taken in? Where was the photo taken?
    4. Where might you find this image (i.e. where did the photo come from before it was on Pinterest?
    5. What is the image trying to convey?

    How do animals and humans form relationships?

    The image does a great job showing the human relationships, especially due to the contrast of the small girl with the large elephant. Initially, we were drawn to this photo because it was “cute,” unlike some of the other images shared on the blog. Now, however, we’ve found ourselves asking questions about the image. Who is this girl? How does she have access to the elephant? How was the elephant trained so that he/she does not hurt the girl? Where was the photo taken, and by who? Is this part of a circus? This image also shows something about how children are taught in a society: fear is often taught, or learned, and children have a tendency to be trusting of things/people that adults might be wary of. If we came across an elephant, we might think twice before hugging it, but this little girl seems to have no reservations about cuddling up with a being many times her size.

  3. Group 1: Ellen, Erika, Kara

    – What is the story with the little girl and the elephant?
    – What kind of bond humans have with animals?
    – Where was this photo taken?
    – What kind the parents would allow their kids to be that close to an elephant?
    – Is there an concern for the girl’s safety?

    – Animals have grown to be a big part of lives, we tend to think of them as family rather than just pets.

    – It made us smile and it evoked our emotions regarding our own experience with animals. And it really made me want to have a pet elephant. There is a strong emotional connect, we can tell the girl is friends with the elephant. the difference in size was a good way to trigger the soft spot in our hearts. It is a very natural setting rather than a zoo.

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