Design Example

Design Example

I really like this piece because of the simple way that it communicates information. The danger of being really good at design, I think, is that sometimes it’s easy to overload a graphic with too many elements that can get in the way of the message. This graphic works because it presents four ideas in one effective, straight-forward piece.


2 thoughts on “Design Example

  1. 1. Why do trees matter?
    2. Why do cities need parks?
    3. What are the benefits of trees?
    4. Why should we preserve trees?
    5. Do trees change everything?

    1. Why do trees matter? – You’re alive right now because of trees.

    – The colors pop.
    – Four similar images with changing facts.
    – Effective symbolism for each tree (stress reduction, air, water, money)
    – How we could duplicate: multiply one image and change a single aspect each time to represent something different. We would need photoshop.

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