We’ve all had that moment: Your head is swimming with innumerable thoughts and you feel like it’s going to explode. I feel that way right now, in fact.

What I love most about this image is that it takes something completely figurative and makes it literal. It’s almost like a cautionary tale or PSA, as if overthinking is far more of a detriment to our mental or physical health than we believe it to be. The text overlay definitely makes a difference. If the text had not been layered on top, the piece may not have the same effect. The context would be lost and the viewer would be left a little confused.


2 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. 1) How is this image designed?
    2) Could it be a self-portrait representation?
    3) Is the explosion graphic historically significant or created by the designer?
    4) Does this image belong in a series or is it individual?
    5) Is this meant to reassure or overwhelm?

    An internal expression of over thinking can feel like a bomb is going off in our heads.

    -relatable to most
    -simplicity is effective
    -no nonsense font choice
    -good alone or part of a series or accompanying a written piece
    -gender neutral

  2. 1 Is this supposed to be unisex?
    2 What exactly is it representing?
    3 How was this captured?
    4 Are there subtle undertones within the picture?
    5 What is its message?

    With over 50,000 thoughts a day the brain is susceptible to input overload.

    This image had an overwhelming effect on is–it was very thought provoking. We’ve all experienced days in which our minds feel like they might explode and this image reminded us of that. We wondered how this image might feel if the text were not included. Through photoshop, this image could be created using a combination of photographs, graphic design, and other elements.

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