Social Media Infographic

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.49.29 AM

I found this image at this website It’s part of a larger article titled “Infographic: If Social Networks Were Megacities.” This graphic caught my eye because it’s visually interesting, especially for someone like me who’s interested in in social media. If you’re interested in what the graphic is actually depicting, there’s an interesting explanation, but it’s basically summed up in the following: ‘WHAT WOULD ALL OF OUR ONLINE FRIENDS LOOK LIKE, IF ORGANIZED INTO PHYSICAL CITIES? LET’S JUST SAY THERE WOULD BE A LOT MORE URBAN DENSITY.’

I think this graphic is interesting both in terms of our upcoming project (in which some people might be writing about social media) and when remembering our work with infographics earlier this semester.


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