Inside a Toddler’s Brain

Inside a Toddler's Brain

I found this infographic on Pinterest and immediately was drawn to it. I have a lot of experience working with toddlers and I can definitely relate to this and find the humor in it as well as the truth. I think it’s interesting to take something that can be explained with science and introduce it in a different light (and I like this image to supplement the rhetoric techniques we have already talked about). I like the segmenting of the anatomy and I can see myself doing something similar to this with my own image for my project.



2 thoughts on “Inside a Toddler’s Brain

  1. 1) Is this supposed to be advocating something or simply for entertainment?
    2) Where did they get the information?
    3) How might this be misinterpreted?
    4) Who is the audience?
    5) Why limit the details to be culturally american?

    Toddlers are constantly absorbing the surroundings they are experiencing.

    -humorous and brightly colored
    -relatable to personal childhood and parents
    -white toddler
    -gender neutral
    -childish handwriting and design

  2. 1. What is important to a toddler?
    2. Why do toddlers like muppets (especially Elmo)?
    3. Why do toddlers need stimulation?
    4. Why do toddlers have so much energy?
    5. Does your brain ever really change completely?

    3. Why do toddlers need stimulation? – A lot goes on in a toddler’s developing brain.

    – Colors grab attention and separate categories.
    – Creative names and descriptions.
    – Intuitively accurate (although maybe not scientifically).
    – It’s funny.
    – It’s gender neutral.
    – How we could recreate this: think of clever, creative categories/descriptions of our topic; be/know an artist/photoshop expert.

    Ben, Morgan, Bridget

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