Barack Obama Photo

Barack Obama Photo

This photo of Barack Obama was taken on the anniversary of the day Rosa Parks was arrested for not moving to the back of the bus. It’s a very moving and inspirational photo that symbolizes how segregation and racism still exists today, despite our country’s president being African-American. If a project topic was on racism today, this would be a great visual to use for it.


One thought on “Barack Obama Photo

  1. 1 Is that actually Obama or a wax figure?
    2 Was it taken in the same area as the Rosa Parks incident and intended to be used to represent that?
    3 What is he looking at?
    4 Why is the bus empty and why is he placed where he is?
    5 When was this taken?

    Despite our modern age, it is evident that segregation and racism still occur within our society.

    This image was a very powerful and thought provoking photo. It opens discussion on a lot of relevant topics in society. Despite the fact that an African American woman made this movement decades ago and we have an African American president today, there is still always progress to be made. If we were to made a similar photograph it would require photography and editing skills.

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