Where/Why/How: Quick Mid-week Blog Post.

Volvovski, Rothman, and Lamothe’s introduction notes that “Much of the inspiration for this book came from looking through old scientific charts and diagrams, in periods where the scientific world was still very much in development. There are incredibly beautiful anatomically incorrect drawings from the Japanese Edo period, and wonderful classroom diagrams from the 1950s detailing the structure of blood cells. These visually unique works attempt to impart an understanding of phenomenon.”

Due Thursday 27 March, 9AM.  Find a chart, diagram, or illustration to share with your classmates. Post it to the class blog as an image post with a specific, descriptive title. Say just a bit about why you selected what you selected—what’s interesting about this visual artifact in terms of style? In terms of content? Where did you find your artifact? Is that context part of what makes it interesting? If so, how/why?


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