Interview Project Debriefs

Due via email sometime today. Your debrief should tell me about the parts of your writing/design process that I didn’t see (or might not have seen). What went well? What could have gone better? Which rhetorical terms, devices, and strategies were you most conscious of as you composed?

I know that it is a bit unorthodox for an assignment to require you to select its form on your own and that for some people making this decision is the toughest part of the project. Why did you decide that the form you used was the best available means for conveying the particular message you wanted to convey? Why is this format a good fit for the particular content you collected during your interview? Who do you imagine as an ideal audience? What other audiences might also be interested? Who isn’t this project for? If this project was out in the “real” world, what kind of venue/publication might host it?

What information did you consider using but then save for later? What kinds of resources have you been adding to your resource log?

What new software did you try out? How did it go? If you were going to learn how to do one new design-oriented thing before the end of the semester, what would you want it to be? OR if you didn’t try out any new software, what models (i.e. texts/projects by other authors) did you think about while composing? Which class resources were most useful to you?

* You should spend at least 20 minutes on this debrief. If you finish before I give the next set of directions, start looking through the archives at This Is Indexed

Pick a favorite (try to make this something older, not just something that everyone saw on the front page). Share it with the people around you and talk a little bit about how it works/why it stood out among other examples. Here are a couple (arts funding & zip codes and connotation) that I think are interesting (note: accurate and interesting are not the same). 

After this conversation. Each of you should: Create your own indexed-style graphic (ideally this will be relevant to your topic, but something related to a classmates’ topic or the idea of public writing is okay too)—turn this in to me.


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