Sexual Education Interview Teaser

After we read the excerpt from Halls of Fame by John D’Agata, I was inspired to do a similar format for this interview project. As of now, I have four interviews scheduled for this week—my first of which was just completed this evening at 8 p.m.  I have one more tomorrow and two on Tuesday morning that I’m going to compile together in a similar format.

Here is what I have to start with:

Sam Boardman is a full time student teacher for the Pittsburgh Public Schools at Langley School. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Applied Developmental Psychology and next month she will receive her masters in early childhood and special education. At this middle school, there is no structured sexual education program for the students that have a history of high preteen and teenage pregnancy and unsafe sexual activity.


What five components do you think should be included to create a more medically accurate, equalized, and comprehensive sexual education program?

  1. Safety Education
  2. Outsourcing Information
  3. Risks of Sexual Activities
  4. Segment on Healthy Relationships
  5. Self Awareness Component

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