Pittsburgh Sustainable Food

For this interview, I chose to sit down with two people: one outsider of the foodie world, a non-native from Pittsburgh, my friend Kelly and another person and Andrew Michanowicz, Research Assistant & GIS Specialist, Center for Healthy Environments & Communities, University of Pittsburgh. 


For this particular project, I developed a series of questions pertaining to what the two subject’s respective opinions are on the Pittsburgh food industry. I asked the same set of questions to each person in order to gain insight on the different perspectives as they apply to Pittsburgh’s food situation. I have included a few of the questions that I asked in the two interviews (but you’ll have to wait and read the overall piece to find out how the connect/differ).

1. When you think of food in relation to Pittsburgh, what are some images or words that come to mind?

2. Do you think that Pittsburgh is evolving into a more sustainable, eco-friendly city on a holistic level? 

3. Keeping the current food situation in Pittsburgh, do you think any aspect should be changed?

4. What types of methods/rules/laws do you personally think should be put into place in order to incite change into the Pittsburgh food scene (if at all)?

5. Are you familiar with Kevin Sousa? 

6. What do you think are the top environmental issues relating to the food industry in Pittsburgh right now? 


And so on. Then, in order to create a cohesive piece, I am writing micro essays on each person and each question, intertwining insight on what the “right” answer should be to each question as opposed to what the interviewees answered. Pictures will be included in a type of photo story layout also, in a more journalistic take on this audio-interview. 


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