Interview Teaser

(Sorry, I posted this in the comments)

Meet the students
Five college students sit in the room, draped on the cheap furniture of the Panther hall suites. The smell of Chinese hits me in the face as I enter, the source lying half-eaten on the table in front of them. Each of them look tired, but there’s a sharp energy that runs beneath which even a busy school week cannot kill. I get a smile as I enter, and they all look prepared to answer questions. They have asked to remain anonymous, and I understand. Most of them tend towards blunt honesty in general, but the questions I will be asking demand it. I move towards the only chair open, one made of bungee cords, and throw the leather jacket onto the ground- not every student lives in this dorm.
The first question I asked them was to identify their major:
• J is Communication Sciences and Disorders
• M is Undeclared, but moving to Chemistry
• A is a Russian and (probably) Computer Science major
• S is an English Literature major
• K is in Microbiology
Of course, this should have been an easy question to answer, but they all start to drift off as the others speak and I can tell my plan to have an honest but professional atmosphere was a far off dream.

I’m not sure about the tone I’m using. I want it to be casual, but detailed. Also, I feel like I should set the scene more and maybe describe the people a bit (enough to keep it anonymous still).


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