Interview Project Teaser

My interview with Dr. Vonda Wright went very well and I am excited to compile my questions with text and photo. 

The interview was over the phone and I was able to transcribe what she said on my computer. The purpose of my interview was to not only create a profile of this amazing marathon runner and orthopedic surgeon, but also to obtain some helpful tips for novice runners that don’t have a medical background. 

Dr. Wright is an extremely accomplished surgeon that performs hundreds of surgeries each year, in addition to serving as the team sports surgeon for the Panther football team, women’s basketball team, softball, baseball, soccer, and even the Pittsburgh Ballet Company. She has also appeared on the Dr. Oz show and created the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes, a program which focuses on athletes over 40 in an effort to maximize efficiency and reduce injury. 

While she is a highly accomplished individual who continues to run races from marathons to 5K’s she is completely down to earth and had some really great simple tips that all beginning and advanced runners should keep in mind. 

A sneak peak at her tips includes being a total body athlete, including diet!

7 simple tips she gave:

1. No Salad Dressings (wasted calories)

2. No Juice (TOO much sugar!)

3. No Fried Food

4. Only 3 bites of a dessert

5. Use Olive oil sparingly

6. Get Protein at every meal

7. Portion control 

Stay tuned for more easy tips on a healthy diet and lifestyle whether you are a novice or advanced runner! 


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