Except from Interview Project

This is my excerpt from my project that is still a work in progress. I interviewed a professor and researcher in the psychology department here at the University of Pittsburgh. First off I decided that I wanted to introduce her in this except and the types of research she is doing. I wanted to show how she was someone who reliable with information pertaining to bullying.

Elizabeth Shelleby is a researcher currently pursuing her doctorate degree in clinical and developmental psychology. As an undergrad, she worked in a developmental psychology lab that focused on the effects that marital conflicts had on kids. If children saw parents arguing, how would they process that and affect their behavior. After she graduated, she worked in a legal aid clinic where she spent time with children in the juvenile justice system. She saw kids with a long history of behavioral problems which led her to want to pursue prevention work.

The research she is doing now focuses on preventive interventions with children identified as at risk for conic problems over time. She aims at preventing these types of behaviors early on and also treat these behaviors so that they don’t become a conic over time. She has assisted in the Early Steps as well as Mother and Child projects. These projects have been focused on preventive interventions early on and getting families more involved in noticing at risk behaviors in children.

This leads to why I chose her for this interview project. She focuses on at risk behaviors in children, and I think the idea of bullying starts off young. If there are certain behaviors in children that indicate them becoming a bully in the future, how do we correct their behavior. I asked her how she defined bullying and she said, “Bullying can be defined in many different ways. I think of bullying as a power differential between the person who is bullying somebody and the victim.” She brings up the point that there appears to be a power imbalance in bullying situations whether it is physical strength or social backgrounds, bullying happens due to power struggles. Is this the type of behavior that we enforce as we strive for more in life? It appears in my opinion that over history, the idea of being more powerful than another that motivated the idea of bullying into people’s lives.


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