In-Class Analysis Work – February 20

Before the end of today’s class period, each affinity group should make a post.

1. Let us know which blog platform/website management tool you’re using. How did you select? Did you consider platforms other than those mentioned/used in class?

 2. Analyze at least two very different themes (check with me if this isn’t relevant to your platform for an alternate assignment). Talk about design features and functionality concerns. Address both affordances and limitations. Make use of our readings/discussions, where relevant.


8 thoughts on “In-Class Analysis Work – February 20

  1. 1. Our team decided to use the Wix website editor because we thought WordPress seemed difficult to use. Wix did not offer an overwhelming amount of layouts which made it easier to decide what template to use. The website is extremely straight forward to use, therefore allowing easier customization. Thus far Wix has all of the features we need. A student from last semesters class recommended we used Wix. We were unaware of other platforms not mentioned in class to use for the website.

  2. From Team D,

    For the 2nd question, we analyzed the two themes of photography blog and a wordpress blog. For the photography blog, an example of this type of blog would be tumblr. Many use this site as a way look at creative pictures, styles, and trends. Most people reblog what they find interesting and they also add their thoughts along with the reblog. Some design features would be deciding the type of format of the blog. However, a limitation would be the limited formats available and the user’s need for imagination. There is a limit on what the user can do when designing the blog. It also isn’t that user friendly in allowing the user to design their own site such as wix.

    Furthermore, the other type of blog we looked at was the wordpress style blog. We viewed as difficult to use because it wasn’t user friendly and moving from the home page to the blog page was confusing. In addition, there was again a limit on the types of backgrounds available along with how one would design the page. Unlike Wix which had more availability with design for free, wordpress had a lot of stuff that cost money when wanting to choose certain aspects when making the blog site.

    • In addition to the above, we didn’t really want a photo style blog because we weren’t going for the creative style since our topics are more serious topics and need more text. Another theme we discussed was a business style, that didn’t really fit us since we also wanted to relate with the reader. The business style is clean cut but it is limited since we can’t really express our thoughts as well since business style uses more texts than pictures. We wanted balance of text and pictures.

  3. Bridget, Allison and I have decided to use Wix as the platform for our blog. Wix is very easy to customize in terms of color and movement of objects on the page. The only issue is that we will have to log-in using the same username in order to all be able to edit the site. We experimented with the themes on, but we did not like that you had to pay money to change the default color settings of the free themes on the site. I also tried to use the slightly different, but the supposedly famous five minute installation was not user-friendly and I could not get the software to upload to my laptop.

    We ultimately decided to go with the “PR” theme on Wix because we liked the clean lines on the page and felt that the typeface was simple and firm, which is relevant to the overall serious nature of our website. We experimented with the “Performing Artist” theme as well because of the chalkboard-like typeface and sporadic arrangements of objects. We also like that the theme is in black and white. Ultimately, we decided that it was too image-based and our content is based more on textual information. The PR theme also has the three sections already made in the default, which is beneficial to our purposes.

  4. 1. Kaylie, Marissa, and I decided to use Wix as our website manager for our blog. It is easy to customize and had a more interesting format for our topic. We selected it because looking through other avenues such as WordPress, it was more difficult to achieve the desired look and Wix allows more personalization. We discussed other avenues, however, decided to use a pre-set format because of our novice graphic designing background.

    2. Our target audience for this aspect of the project is college girls and so we wanted something colorful, and full of graphics. We discussed a traditional and word-based blog, but decided the more vibrant and visually engaging blog would be a better format for our desired audience. We wanted to make sure it was easily maneuverable keeping in mind the busy schedule of college students. Based on class discussion some of the important features of a topic and infographics is to ensure that they are simple, relevant, and engaging, and these features carry over into the overall format of a blog as well. Since our topic revolves around fitness, body image etc, we chose the “gym” theme and changed the colors, pictures etc.

  5. For our blog, we chose to use Wix. It seemed easy to customize, even when using a template that already existed. By changing the colors to fit our theme and what we had discussed in terms of colors and fonts, we were able to get a good start on the blog. One limitation was the font that we wanted to use, Chalkduster, was not available on the site. Instead we had to choose another which does change our design a bit. The colors we chose are to align with our theme of the chalkboard or education in general.

    As a design choice, we are providing a general mission statement or description of our site in addition to individual bios of ourselves to make it easier to identify the multiple authors. Although we have found common ground in our issues, the broad subtopics we are working on leave much room for flexibility. This is made easy through the template and use of Wix, which our group is trying to master in order to make our blog informative as well as aesthetically pleasing.

    Caroline, Ben, Alyssa

  6. Julianna, Ellen, Taia & I have decided on utilizing WordPress in order to organize our information. Taia in particular already had experience with WordPress, and it was the one site that we all had previous interaction with. We perused the other sites (Weebly, Wix, etc.) and noticed that they were all inherently similar, pretty user friendly, and had similar templates. We talked about using different website editors, but all came to a consensus that WordPress was simply the easiest. Due to the fact that we have four people in our group, we were searching for a website generating site that allowed us to cleanly convey our thoughts/writings/images without becoming too cluttered.

    In the beginning, we thought about creating a theme in which we all came together, created collages, and focused individually on our topics and then brought them together. We toyed around with that idea, looking to see if the templates would work with that idea (which they didn’t) and attempted to create titles that were centered around the emphasis of prominent people in our respective subjects. We anticipated a large variety of broader topics that we could have implemented in order to make our collage-inspired template more cohesive, but in the end we decided to ditch that idea.

    What with our creation of a list of things that we all found similarities with, we noted that one of the most prominent themes was the factor of change. We saw that change was present in our geographic locations, in the structure of our issues (hierarchy), modernity, younger generations, and much more. Therefore, we decided on the central idea of change to represent the evolution of all of our topics.

  7. 1) We used the WIX website to create our blog. We selected this because it has many different layouts/templates to choose from and it is highly customizable.

    2) For our theme, we had many to choose from on the WIX site, but we choose one that we could incorporate a chalkboard as the header. The reason for this is because we chose the balance in school systems, namely between all three of our topics of athletics, art, and free play which all incorporate some aspect of school whether it be elementary school or up to college. We were able to find a font type that was similar to the look of chalk against an image of a chalkboard and then we will add some lighter colors in the body of our blog to make the site look more appealing. To keep the blog from being too bland with solid color, we chose a striped light background. The goal here was to be simplistic with the pattern but also not uninteresting to the eye.

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