Conference Prep

By 9AM on Tuesday, your group’s blog should be live. Post a link to our class blog so that everyone (including me) can find it. Be ready to answer some debrief-style questions  about the blog launch during your conference.  

Before your conference, you should (1) watch at least two videos in Suleika Jaouad’s NYTimes series Life, Interrupted. I suggest making one of them the very first installment. (2) Check out several installments from Jennifer Causey’s Makers’ Project. (3) Listen to at least one old episode of This American Life. (4) Think about/find an example of your own in which someone is doing something interesting with interview material.

Come prepared to tell me who you’ll interview, when, and what form(s) you’re thinking of working in. Bring a set of questions that you (might) want to ask. OR if you’ve already done your interview, bring your raw materials and be ready to chat about them.


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