Infographic Debriefs

Due via email sometime today. Your debrief should tell me about the parts of your writing/design process that I didn’t see (or might not have seen). What went well? What could have gone better?

Which rhetorical terms, devices, and strategies were you most conscious of as you composed?

Why did you decide that an infographic was the best available means for conveying the particular message you wanted to convey? Who do you imagine as an ideal audience?  Do you imagine your infographic is “not just readable but sharable” – if so, why? And where do you imagine it circulating, what hashtags or keywords might help it do so?

What information did you consider using but then save for later? What kinds of resources have you been adding to your resource log?

What new software did you try out? How did it go? If you were going to learn how to do one new design-oriented thing before the end of the semester, what would you want it to be?

OR if you didn’t try out any new software, where did you go to check out new things about infographics and how they work? Which class resources were most useful to you?


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