SolidWorks Environment Lighting

Below is an example of an aspect of an infographic that I hope to achieve. The lighthing against the figures create shadows and as one can see, the shadows do not fall on just one side of the figures, but multiple. I would like to find a way to customize my inforgraph in a way similar to this.

Below is a link to a youtube video with a (very long) tutorial on lighting and manipulating a SolidWorks environment to get customized lighting options.  Not only does it go over lighting, it also includes manipulating the view and settings of cameras that you can add to the model. I understand that most people will not be using Solidworks, but I am more proficient in its use than in Photoshop and will get to learn more about some of these advanced lighting options for both this class and for engineering.

With this tutorial, I hope to highlight specific areas of my infograph to catch the eye.


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