Simple Chart vs Not So Simple Photoshop

For the first assignment working with our semester long topics, I hope to create something similar to this infographic:


This example is pretty long and contains a lot of information on my topic–the sexual education reform. It has some very simple but also well organized graphics. There aren’t many complicated details–just a few images, fun and interesting fonts, maps, and graphs. Like this infographic, I will be focusing on charts and maps discussing the content within abstinence only sexual education programs specifically in the Southern region of the US. I want to include a map portion with some states standing out and so I originally prepared a tutorial this afternoon that highlighted Texas with a diagonal custom made pattern in Photoshop. Ironically when I went to post the tutorial about the states standing out on a map of the Southern US, Erika had beat me to posting a similar tutorial. While I still plan on including that detail in the final infographic, I thought I’d take the time to create a different tutorial that might benefit someone else as well instead of reposting a similar one. As many of us probably discovered, Photoshop can be pretty tricky and also frustrating to use when you aren’t familiar with it. I look forward to becoming more comfortable with this program so that I’m able to effectively use it soon in hopes to create an awesome infographic.

After trying dozens of different tutorials and watching way too many YouTube videos about Photoshop, I’m going to share how I made a pie chart by following these few tutorials online.

Despite the simplicity of a pie chart, this took an embarrassingly long time to create in photoshop because of technical issues when it would have only taken a minute in Word. Good thing is that now I could recreate this one in just a few minutes! I was hoping to make it 3D after watching a tutorial on how to do that but unfortunately my computer doesn’t have enough space (or so a pop up warned me) to utilize the Photoshop 3D functions. Anyways, here is the pie chart I made! I hope to spice it up and make a more interactive chart as part of the infographic for this assignment.



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