Photoshop Scatter effect tutorial


I found this infographic on

I thought it was interesting to look at this graphic because it was simple, yet effective. The fact that there wasn’t an overload of information was appealing because although there could have been a lot more written, the author chose to stick to one message. I think having a simple infographic that appeals to the eye with the color scheme along with the message is more effective than trying to cram a lot of information into one.

This graphic is relevant to my research topic because the issue I chose was about bullying. I like that this graphic illustrated that being a victim of bullying could be anyone. I know most bullying infographics would generally include the bully being someone who looks bigger and scarier looking than the victim, however this one just had everyone look the same.

There is a tutorial to complete a scatter or dispersion effect on photoshop which I thought was interesting.

This was my attempt at trying to use photoshop to do the scatter effect. However, I messed up, but I ended up liking my mistake so I felt like sharing my mistake cause it was unintentional but interesting. This the type of image I wanted to use for my infographic. I wanted to use a mirror image where one side would be the appearance of being “normal” while the mirror image would be the portrayal of the bully. 

I got the original image from


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