Text Tricks: Creepy Bloody Text Effects

The inspiration for my trick comes from this infographic that I found on Pinterest: 



What I found appealing about this graphic was primarily the text effect that is used in the title; it really serves to attract a reader’s attention, and it gives added meaning to the connotations associated with “alligators” that support that information presented in the graphic itself. I wanted to learn how to create text effects using Photoshop, so I followed this tutorial to make a bloody text effect that may be useful in my own infographic: http://www.photoshoplady.com/tutorial/apply-a-beautiful-spilling-effect-for-text/5366

For the first half of this tutorial, I found the instructions extremely thorough and easy to follow, even as a Photoshop beginner. However, towards the end of the tutorial certain steps were skipped or simply brushed over that I was not able to follow as a beginner. For example, I was not able to figure out how to add the background layer that is mentioned in Step 9. If you are already familiar with the basic functions of Photoshop, this tutorial will likely not present a problem for you. As I continue to learn new things, I am confident that I will be able further edit what I have done so far, including possibly using a more relevant texture instead of the wood that is shown here. 


 There are tons of more text effect tutorials on this website, and they all look awesome! Check it out here: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/category/text-effect/


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