Resizing Images and Overlays

The infographic I chose for the assignment came from the website called, which has a lot of interesting info graphics related to health and fitness.


I thought this info graphic was really interesting, because It related directly to my topic and the issues I hope to cover relating to health and marathon running. In my personal opinion it is a little too wordy, but I like the concept of using an image of a runner and going through the different muscles/ health related things that are needed when considering running such a great distance.

Ideally when I go to recreate this, I hope to use fewer text boxes, and I also hope to use a real image of a runner as opposed to a cartoon, but for now I began with a cartoon that I found online, along with a cartoon muscle. To create this required resizing and overlay. I checked out several tutorials, but the one I found most helpful was this one :

Step 1: open both of your images

-In this case I opened the leg muscle image and also the runner

Step 2: drag the top image onto the image you want to overlay it on

-I dragged the leg muscle over onto the runner image

Step 3: resize overlay

-the leg muscle was far to large for the runner image and so I clicked on “edit” and then “free transform”- this created a box which I could shrink down the image to fit the leg size of the runner.


This was my final product which is a little rough around the edges, but a solid start.

To add the text boxes I would then plan to save the image as a JPEG and put it into word or powerpoint and click on add text box and work from there.

Hope this helps anyone interested in resizing/overlaying images!


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