Trick: Blend Photos Together

I found this infographic online and was wondering how artists were able to effortlessy blend photographs together using a program like Photoshop. Although this infographic doesn’t really have two equally blended photographs, this sparked my interest in how to do it. I think it would be an interesting and visually pleasing addition to my infographic. I found the infographic at: .


My trick is how to blend photos like a Hollywood movie poster using Photoshop CS6. I used a tutorial that I found online at this link:

I started with two images. The first image is a surprised-looking girl, which I found here: The second is a pile of food, which I found here:





Although much of this is written in the tutorial, here are the basic steps for creating the image:

Move both images into the same document. Use the Move tool to drag one image into the same document as the other image.


Resize and reposition the photos as needed using the Free Transform (Command + T on a Mac) command.


Add a layer mask by selecting Layer 1 and clicking Add Layer Mask at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Select the gradient tool and choose the black to white gradient. Drag out a black to white gradient on the layer mask by clicking near the intersection of the two photos, holding down shift, and dragging down to where you want the blend to end.



Here’s the picture they included about how to drag out the gradient on the layer mask:


Merge both layers onto a new layer by holding down Shift + Command + Option + E on a Mac.

Add Noise by choosing Filter, Noise, and then Add Noise. Change the Distribution to Gaussian and check Monochromatic. Set the Amount between values 2 and 6 percent. Add enough noise to get a uniform texture without making the image overly grainy.


This was the last step in the tutorial that I followed. The next steps tell you how to change the image to black and white and how to add a hue or saturation adjustment layer, neither of which I desired for my image.

Here’s how the image turned out:


I’m no expert, but I think it’s pretty good for my first try! The more I practice, the better I think I’ll be able to utilize this trick. Hopefully this will be helpful for others as we begin to work on our infographic projects.

The tutorial is very easy to follow– check it out!


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