Tea Infographic/Tutorial

Tea Infographic/Tutorial

This info graphic was found on best-infographics.com, and I chose it for its simplicity and subject matter. As you can see, the layout of this info graphic is visually appealing without containing a slew of high-tech aspects. It would seem, at least to me, that most of us could manage something of this nature, provided with the right research and channel of thought. It is evidently straightforward, presenting the audience with an organized list of statistics about tea, in order corresponding to size (which is directly related to importance) that catches the eye and moves the eye in a fluid manner. The main points of interest should be the subject, and the overall message that the author/artists is attempting to convey, both of which are present here.

In order to create something that resembles this, you will need to obviously do the preparation work that entails gathering facts, fonts, and pictures that you like and believe are appropriate for this subject. Then, if you enter into Photoshop and create a background layout, the information and pictures can simply be inserted through a step by step process on top of a background:

1. Upload the picture of your choosing
2. Now load the image you want to add as another separate download/document
3. Select the document or hit control –> A in order to reposition it
4. Do a split screen (make both windows take up the whole screen equally, half & half) and select the picture that you want in order to place it into the desired layout
5. Photoshop will put this into a new “layer” which you can now edit on the bottom right of the program, and the layer number should highlight when the picture is clicked on in the editor
6. In order to get everything on the same layer, you will have to adjust the layer settings (choose merge) once you’re done arranging your pictures.

Happy Photoshopping!



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