Links for in-class discussion on Jan. 14

Lisa B. Adams’ blog and her Twitter stream.

Bill Keller’s NY Times piece on Heroic Measures. And public editor Margaret Sullivan’s response to the conversations surrounding it.

Emma Keller’s Guardian article has been taken down, but comments are still up.

Zeynep Tufecki’s response to the Kellers on Social Media Is a Conversation, Not a Press Release

Megan Garber’s response on The Atlantic‘s website, On Live-Tweeting One’s Suffering, and one from Maryn McKenna via Wired, Former New York Times Editor, Wife Publicly Tag-Team Criticism of Cancer Patient. Ugh.

While I have been following Adams’ blog for awhile, I first became aware of the Keller article controversy when it showed up in Suleika Jaouad’s Twitter stream. An article she wrote (awhile back) on the decision to share cancer via social media appears here, also via the NY Times.


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