Welcome / First Informal Assignment

By Thursday 1/9: Find a piece of writing that “serves the public interest” in some way, one that you admire for both its subject and style – this can be anything: a letter to an editor, an article in a newspaper or magazine, a blog post, a series of tweets, a press release, an organization’s mission statement, an interview transcript, an artist’s statement, an activist manifesto, promotional material for an event, etc. Expect to read a section out loud and then talk a little about why you picked what you picked as a way of introducing yourself to your classmates.

By Friday 1/10: Please register for the blog (I recommend choosing a pseudonym) then comment on this post with a link to the piece of writing you chose OR the information that we’d need to find it off-line OR (if it is a unique item, like a found flier or poster) a very brief description of it. This is in part a trial run, so we can iron out any tech problems before your first graded blog post is due (on Sunday night).


15 thoughts on “Welcome / First Informal Assignment

  1. I picked an article from The Cadet, the official U.S. Army ROTC Cadet Command newsletter, titled “Shaping the future leaders,” written by Maj. Gen. Jeff Smith. It basically gives the updated mission statement of Cadet Command. In short, this is to focus on making not only skilled officers, but smart ones as well.

  2. I chose the fall issue of The Original Magazine – a student-run Pitt publication that I write for. This magazine caters to a mostly local arts and culture-centered audience and includes pieces on a variety of topics from music festivals to restaurant reviews to artist’s collectives. The editor’s note in this issue likens the magazine staff to a family, perhaps relating and warming up to the reader.

    For more, check out the online edition here:

  3. I decided to choose an article about the types of social media and internet usage in Asian countries as blogged about by SASE. This organization stands for Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers.


  4. This is a short outlook on what the Bridge Scandal might mean for NJ governor, Chris Christie, in the future as people start looking into who to vote in the presidential election in 2016. The opinion that he may not be able to manage people that he deals with on a daily basis sure had me, as a member of the public, thinking less of him as a presidential candidate.


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